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Or Hahechal (which means "Light of the Chamber") was founded at the inspiration of the Kamarner Tzaddik, Harav Yissachar Dov Safrin. It is named in memory of the great Master of Chassidut, the Holy Tzaddik, Rabbi Isaac of Kamarna, whose Torah commentary Hechal Habracha (The Chamber of Blessing) is a classic work in the field of Kabbalah and Chassidut.


Or Hahechal is located in Ashkelon, Israel

At Or Hahechal we try our best to work in a spirit of humility and simplicity. Since students vary widely as to their abilities, background and mode of comprehension, most Kabbalah teaching or counseling is done in small groups or even on an individual basis.  Or Hahechal is a spiritual home where a student can spend an hour or spend a year. Our students pick the time that is best for them. Our doors are open at just about any time of day or night. Teaching is provided free of charge. The healing Divine Light is the birthright of anyone who sincerely seeks it.

Or Hahechal's guide and mentor, Rabbi Nathan Glick, studied Talmud and Jewish Philosophy at prominent Yeshivot, as well as Chassidut in the courts of Chassidic Rebbes  under the tutelage of elder Chassidim. He was later ordained by the Chief Rabbinate of Israel. Rabbi Nathan Glick studied Kabbalah with numerous teachers in Israel, (including a student of the renowned Kabbalah sage Rabbi Yitzhak Kaduri) who revolutionized the way in which he now understands the Zohar, Kabbalah and life. Rabbi Nathan Glick also holds a Masters degree in Pastoral Psychotherapy, and has over 20 years experience as a counselor. You can find Rabbi Nathan's writings here:

Or Hahechal welcomes to the staff Rabbi Joshua Kolet, from Mumbai, India.  Rabbi Kolet left his position as Rabbi of the Jewish community and moved to the land of Israel, accompanied by his dear wife Ahuvya and their children. Rabbi Kolet is a member of the ancient Bnei Israel Community of India, and a proud inheritor of their religious, musical and meditative teachings. Rabbi Kolet teaches Bible and Meditation. May Rabbi and Mrs. Kolet they find great success in everything they do. Rabbi Kolet's writings can be accessed here: www.rabbijoshuakolet.blogspot.com

Or Hahechal welcomes Ms Natalie Martkovitch to the staff. Ms Martkovitch, originally from the former Soviet Union has many years experience with a wide variety of healing arts and therapies, including reflexology and cranio-sacral therapy. She is particularly attuned to the use of herbs and Bache flowers, and skilled at bringing her clients and students into physical and spiritual harmony. She teaches healing and chakra meditation. Her website is here: http://holistreat.com



 Or Hahechal needs your help!
Since it's founding, Or Hahechal has worked as a lean, no frills, low overhead organization. But we would like to expand our range of activities, and so we are looking to raise a minimal yearly budget. Can you help?

All contributions are deeply appreciated and will be put to good use. To contribute, fill out the form on the "contact us" page, or just use this handy button.

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Stuff to Get

Proceeds from our little on line store will be used to support 
Or Hahechal's mission. To order, fill out the form on the contact page to let us know what you want. We will contact you, since these things can only be made with you in mind!

Kabbalah Name Analysis: You name is a small flash of prophecy containing the spiritual "DNA" of you life. Kabbalah numerology holds the key for unlocking the deepest insights about your personal journey and special destiny. A Kabbalah Name Analysis will help you understand yourself, increase your personal energy and effectiveness. This is a real in depth exploration of your soul, not an easy bit of numerology. No pre-packaged auto responses here. Each Kabbalah numerology analysis is carried out personally with great care and insight. 
Single name analysis, suggested contribution $72.00. Double name analysis (you+significant other) suggested contribution $120.00 

Amulet for Divine Blessings: Whatever you need in life (health, success, love or sustainance) the Kabbalah teaches which holy letters of the Hebrew alphabet, when combined properly with Kabbalah numerology, hold the spiritual keys for accessing each kind of divine light. Let us know what you need in life, and we will handwrite the holy letters you need on a real parchment amulet. We will also guide you on the proper intentions to go along with your amulet, so you will connect with the side of holiness. 
Small Amulet (about 3 cm high): suggested contribution $32.00 
Large Amulet: (about 12 cm high) suggested contribution $63.00

Change your life! Renew your Spiritual Energy. “Pidyon Nefesh” (Redemption of the Soul) is an ancient Kabbalistic practice based upon the verse “Charity saves from Death.” Using the numerology value of 160 coins, the Kabbalah sage counts out the names of Hashem, and adds the element of miraculous spiritual renewal. This practice is good for all situations when you want to make a new beginning. The session will be recorded so you can hear it happen. Suggested contribution $36.00 

Herbal Wisdom! On the staff of Or Hahechal are experienced practitioners of herbal healing and other health promoting arts. Write to us about your health concerns and we will provide you with a detailed herbal health maintenance plan along with herbal or flower based supplements energized with deep Kabbalah intentions. Say Lechaim! To Life!  Suggented contribution: $72.00 

Or Hahechal Tefillin and Mezuzot are meticulously hand crafted by certified scribes and adhere to the highest standards of Jewish Law. Our Tefillin and Mezuzot are written and crafted according to the instructions, intentions and Kavanot taught by the Holy Ari, Rabbi Yitzhak Luria, and the Kabbalists in the tradition of the Hassidic Masters. Our scribes strive to infuse their work with spiritual vitality and blessing. This is a unique form of Hiddur Mitzva, "A glorification of the Divine commandment." Tefillin and Mezuzot are available in all the scripts; Ashkenazi (Bet Yosef), Ari (Hassidic) and Sefardic. All Tefillin and Mezuzot are produced under the personal guidance and supervision of Rabbi Nathan Glick. 
Muzuzah scroll: starting at $50.00 
Complete set of Tefillin: starting at $600.00 

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